tostadores de cafe

This is Paloma and Marco, a Spanish and an Italian. Following many years living in London we decided to stop, reflect, look at things from new perspectives and see where a new path would lead us.

That decision would take us on a long journey through different countries and continents. During this trip we were lucky to meet incredible and inspiring people who permeated us with their love for this amazing seed. New friends like Michael. A dinner and a few beers in Dalat and a few months later he was here, at our home, teaching us the secrets of coffee and becoming a fundamental part of the PUCHERO team.

Born in Valladolid.
Sourced globally.
Roasted locally.


We decided to go back to our roots in Southern Europe and start this new project full of energy and enthusiasm. A life project, based on quality, attention to detail and to the small things, which brings together the best of our adventure and our life in London

Our roastery is located within the Finca Puentes Mediana, in the beautiful countryside of the Valladolid province. It’s an old warehouse converted and tranformed into a roasting, cupping, brewing and learning heaven. An alternative meeting venue, an urban scene immerged in the countryside.

Within this rural setting we select the best seasonal coffees, we roast them with care, we cup them and we bag them manually.


Specialty Coffee, also known as third wave coffee, is about the improvement and the benefit of all components of the coffee chain, especially the farmers. A fairtrade coffee, traceable and organic.

Specialty coffee, as opposed to commodity coffee, is characterised by beans with little to no defects, of the highest quality and harvested at peak ripeness. This involves improvements at all stages of production, from harvesting, drying, storage and transportation to roasting craftsmanship and barista skills.

The ultimate goal is to serve a extraordinary cup.


As roasters and part of this chain, we are committed to amplifying and enhancing the intrinsic characteristics of each origin. Each variety and each harvest are unique and, therefore, must be roasted in a dedicated and specific manner.

We craft-roast within our farmhouse of Hornillos de Eresma, with the ambition to preserve and magnify all the work that farmers have put into these beans. We do this once a week to deliver all our coffees at the time of maximum freshness.

We use all our passion and knowledge to achieve the best in specialty coffee. We work with our customers so that they can enjoy the finest possible coffees and discover its authentic taste.